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Exploring the intersection between music,
art and science.
Cable 23
‘Cable 23’ opens with rolling breaks set against distant rave calls and morphing arpeggiators, setting a tension that develops into an unending spiral.
Alex Banks
Lattice 002
Second of a series on Mesh curated by acclaimed musician, sound designer and creative Max Cooper and platform Mesh featuring formidable newcomers, Pleizel and machìna.
Dichromanticism EP
Llyr returns to Mesh with a five-track package fusing his signature blend of immersive, densely-detailed sonic wanderings with dance floor escapism
An immersive exploration of Italian aesthetics, music and emergence.
Max Cooper
Lattice 001
The first of a series forthcoming on Mesh curated by Max Cooper and Mesh.
Motif EP
Max Cooper
Form EP
An echoic take on rave and electronica, and a modern shapeshifting of styles that hints at more things to come.
We are Nature
voyaging through imagined worlds that teeter between the organic and the synthetic.
Vertebrae / Forgotten Places
A collection of influences and a set of motifs from a life in electronic music.
Max Cooper
Mesh Live: Explorations in spatial audio
Sat 13 May
Stone Nest, London
Mesh Live - explorations in spatial audio
Sat 13 May, London
Unspoken Words Remixes II
Inviting artists with varying approaches and styles, connecting the dots between curious musical minds from across the globe.
Max Cooper
Unspoken Words Remixes I
Inviting artists with varying approaches and styles, connecting the dots between curious musical minds from across the globe.
Max Cooper
Exploring the cues between classical and electronic music
Reid Willis
A Model Of Reality - Mesh Creator Challenge
Mesh Creator Challenge
Max Cooper
Installation by Ksawery Komputery debuts in Miami during Art Basel week '22
Ksawery Komputery and Reid Willis
The third NFT collection from Max Cooper's audio-visual opus, Unspoken Words
Max Cooper, Martin Krzywinski, Mesh Lab
An installation created in collaboration
Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club
No One Really Listens to Oscillators
Introspective, engaging, electronic music exploring the concept of “unfinished” in relation to oneself, art, architecture and surroundings.
Indian Wells
An immersive nine-track masterstroke covering the gamut of electronica, techno, breakbeat, bass and IDM, fit for clubs and home-listening alike.
Alex Banks
Unspoken Words
Max Cooper's latest album project 'Unspoken Words' is available on Mesh, alongside an epic immersive film project.
Max Cooper
A reference to the valence of language along a positive to negative scale of mood, which we need to work with when describing emotive states
Max Cooper
Exotic Contents
Second single from 'Unspoken Words with video by Xander Steenbrugge
Max Cooper
Everything is an excitable expression of freedom and joy, an explosion of colour referencing classic synth sounds from Max Cooper’s formative years and the golden era of idealism in music and popular culture of the '80 and '90s.
Max Cooper
Piano Reworks
A study on stripping away and simplifying and an exercise in restraint, as the artist worked against his own maximalist instincts to present his compositions in their most fragile and vulnerable state.
Reid Willis
Live at the Acropolis
Max Cooper managed with such mastery to reveal this ancient venue as a canvas so that that the architecture, beauty and history of the space become as much a part of the show as any of his music and visual collaborations.
Max Cooper
Maps EP
The four-track Maps EP was born of a multi-disciplinary arts collaboration, with choreography, dance, film and music, each mapped to the other.
Max Cooper
Constructed from a library of sounds collected by the artist in the rainforests of Borneo, Llyr’s debut album is an expansive documentation of natural beauty and human interference
Open Unity
A playful repurposing of mundane everyday experience into something inspiring. It's a beautiful example of what can be achieved from the most trivial of sound sources with some imagination and creative knowhow.
True Peak Limit
3D Reworks 003
Experience: shifting scenes with trains thundering past; teleportation into a futuristic virtual reality headphone rave; and an escape to a digital dream-like state
Hold On EP
Created in his home studio in Istanbul, Non Square’s EP leads with the stunning single ‘Hold On’ - shuffling microstructures, beautiful pads and emotive power pervade the senses.
Non Square
Tephra EP
A cataclysm of new abrasive sounds
Alex Banks
Mother Of
A sonic depiction of creation, destruction, beauty and violence through a complex fusion of cinematic melodies and heavily sculpted rhythms
Reid Willis
New Ruins
A fusion of alluring melodies, driving percussion and evolving sonics.
Indian Wells
Max Cooper returns to the core of his art with Earth - a four track EP including latest singles, 'Reflect' and 'Swarm'.
Max Cooper
3D Reworks 002
Music from another universe, with its own ecosystem and biological makeup
Reid Willis
3D Reworks 001
Become surrounded in a world of 3D audio, or is it 8D?
Max Cooper
Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.2
Feat. Remixes by Max Cooper, Nicolas Bougaïeff, Robot Koch, Ryan Davis and Thomas Ragsdale.
Alex Banks
A Shiver Sequence
Clouth’s creativity is enhanced by his own expertise in software development. On ‘A Shiver Sequence’ he used an original home-made plug-in called the 'Reconstructor' resulting in a 102 unique versions of the track.
Rob Clouth
Zero Point
Zero Point is Rob Clouth's love letter to noise, probability and chance, written using data sampled in real-time from the zero-point energy field - a vanishingly small source of random quantum energy that exists everywhere in the universe, even in a perfect vacuum. ANSI standards download
Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1
Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1 is the first remix EP edition of two to be released on Mesh. It includes mixes by: Ital Tek, Thomas Ragsdale, Thomas Gandey, Jinjé and Lost Unicorns
Alex Banks
Falling Down EP
‘Falling Down’ is the 3rd single from 'Beneath The Surface’. It perfectly showcases Alex ability to blend raw beats, and melodic emotion with genres like Techno, Electronica and Old Skool Rave.
Alex Banks
Yearning for the Infinite
Yearning for the Infinite is Max Cooper’s most expansive project to date - an audio/visual rendering of our obsession with the unobtainable.
Max Cooper
Beneath The Surface
'Beneath The Surface is an eloquent, cohesive collection of tracks showcasing Banks’s unwavering ability to manipulate sound.
Alex Banks
Balancing a classic rave vibe with modern production values, ‘Revolution’ deploys big club sounds with precision.
Alex Banks
Lead single from the poignant and personal forthcoming album
Alex Banks feat. Ásgeir
One Hundred Billion Sparks Remixed
Alternative versions of Max Cooper's critically acclaimed album project
Feat. Roly Porter, Barker, Synkro, Robag Wruhme, Etapp Kyle, Acid Pauli, Poppy Ackroyd and more
"A scintillating sonic expression." Includes remixes and extended version
Max Cooper, DJ Tennis + Barratt
Cairn Remixes
Remix collection of Brecon's debut EP
Om Unit, Max Cooper, Tenebre, Nicolas Bougaïeff
One Hundred Billion Sparks
Audio-visual project made on retreat in remote countryside, exploring how people are wonderfully unique
Max Cooper
A range of tempos and vast acoustics, wandering through repurposed references to UK garage, early dubstep, house & techno.
Rule 110
3rd single from forthcoming album, premiered by Lauren Laverne on BBC 6Music
Max Cooper
Dust Remixes
Remix collection of Nicolas Bougaïeff's EP
Guy Andrews, Max Cooper, Deapmash
Second single from One Hundred Billion Sparks, premiered on BBC 6Music
Max Cooper
Exhilarating and disturbed in equal parts
Nicolas Bougaïeff
First single from the forthcoming album, One Hundred Billion Sparks
Max Cooper
Transition Remixes
A collection of reworks of Rob Clouth's debut EP on Mesh
Ben Lukas-Boysen, Max Cooper, Brecon, Chihei Hatakeyama
Beautifully rich debut EP for Mesh
Rob Clouth
World Passing By
An EP influenced by varying interpretations of time
Max Cooper, featuring Rob Clouth
This tour is all about dropping the audience right inside my audio-visual world
Tickets now available
Visual-audio exploration of real DNA molecules
Max Cooper - in collaboration with the Babraham Institute and Andy Lomas
Emergence Remixed
Tracks from Emergence reworked into a new form
Feat. Christian Löffler, Rival Consoles, Patrice Bäumel and more
Emergence is the story of natural laws and processes
Max Cooper, Tom Hodge & Kathrin deBoer
Nature at the smallest scales is thought to be composed of something wave-like.
Max Cooper & Kevin McGloughlin