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World Passing By
Max Cooper, featuring Rob Clouth
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For this project, Max Cooper was influenced by varying interpretations of time.

The opening track ‘Veil Of Time’ uses ambient chord progressions as a commentary on the dampening inescapability of time, whilst ‘Resynthesis’ opts for a more rhythmic exploration using classic retro synthesis sound design.

‘Stacked Moments’ addresses the notion of the present as the surface of a growing structure, with a textural chord sound providing the basis for new elements to wander.

Finally, ‘Corporeal’ is a collaboration with Rob Clouth heard previously on the Essential Mix in which a synth is run through a radio transmitter, creating distortion and flecks to alter the main chord sequence.

Read more about the visual ideas at Max Cooper's website:
Veil Of Time
Stacked Moments
Corporeal [feat. Rob Clouth]