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Max Cooper
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Taken from Max Cooper's album ‘One Hundred Billion Sparks’, Mesh presents the ‘Reflex EP’ featuring a special remix from DJ Tennis & Barratt due 31 January.

"I never meant for this track to go onto the album, it was purely a moment where I needed to express some pain and frustration." - Max Cooper

Written during a period of immobilising pain, ‘Reflex’ sonically expresses the feelings of the artist to scintillating effect. On the title track squelching synths and rhythms pulse but also morph with filtered bass patterns, before intricate hats and raucous snares are introduced to climactic effect. ‘Reflex Values’ sees Cooper rework the modulated aggression of the opener, adding a driving kick underneath and rolling percussion over the top, only adding to the overall intensity.

DJ Tennis and Barratt join forces for the remix, transforming the forceful pulses and percussive elements of ‘Reflex’ into a lighter affair, which swells and subsides in a playful interpretation of the original.

The accompanying video to ‘Reflex’, created by Lauren Pedrosa, channels the intensity of the music to create a dark and engulfing video exploring society’s intense relationship with consumerism. Archival objects from the past century are manipulated and distorted, slowly losing shape, representing “the disorder that is our current relationship with the material world; one of egotism, greed, and escapism”.