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Piano Reworks
Reid willis
Digital and film
Mother Of - Piano Reworks
The Piano Reworks presents a reimagined selection of songs in a final send-off to the Mother Of era, arriving one year to the day since the original album was released by Mesh on 19 November 2020.

The accompanying short film, set for release on Fri 25th Nov was recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana at the historic Marigny Opera House, features performances of four original songs and a cover of Boards of Canada with Reid Willis on piano, Kurt Münstedt on violin, and choreography by dancers Whitney Willis and Rachel Geiger. Both the album and film are emblematic of the attention to detail that Willis imbues into his compositions.

Mother Of - Piano Reworks follows the release of the intricately and exquisitely re-mastered Dolby Atmos version of Mother Of, enabling listeners to experience the original album at its most stunning and spell-binding depth, showcasing Willis' adept skills as sound designer and composer.

Willis describes Mother Of - Piano Reworks as “a study on stripping away and simplifying" and "an exercise in restraint," as the artist worked against his own maximalist instincts to present his compositions in their most fragile and vulnerable state. With the original songs, Willis admits that he "tends to be a bit more deceptive, tucking a melodic core behind a wall of percussion and sound design." In these piano reworks, those melodic elements are front and center, bare and crystalline.

Reid's release follows the creative direction of other projects released by Mesh, exploring film and other media to add depth and breadth to musical works, and collaborating with Dolby Atmos again to create high definition works that foster creativity in music, art and science.

The film, dance and audio project was commissioned by Mesh
Music, written and produced by Reid Willis
Mastering by Reid Willis
Artwork by Reid Willis
℗ 2021 Mesh © 2021 Mesh