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Motif EP
Max Cooper
Digital / Vinyl
While the presence of integrated thinking around releasing music has long distinguished Max Cooper, it is the notion of performance and entertainment grafted into his style which really admits Max to charge into new territory.

A collection of his influences and a set of motifs from a life in electronic music, Motif EP is equipped with purpose and emotional intimacy. Far from a dark moment of introspection but a diverse collection of audio-visual ideas, each playing a particular role in his live shows which traverse all of his musical passions combined with being alive at this time; immersed in shared history and experience.

Six impressively contemplative and powerful songs that oscillate between Max’s calm, heartfelt reminiscences and youthful remnants of 90’s rave, and a playful precision of dancefloor spirit as he incorporates the sounds of breakbeat, drum and bass and techno.

Reassuringly direct and familiar, fans will recognise signature sound motifs from over a decade of producing, performing and DJing.

But more distinctively, Cooper seems disinterested in solely capturing the present and is more concerned with investigating his music's history and investing in crafting its future.
Written, mixed and produced by Max Cooper.
Published by Manners McDade Music Publishing Ltd.
Tracks A1, B2 and B3 featuring vocals by Kathrin deBoer.
Mastering by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering.
Graphic design and artwork by Mykola Haleta

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