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Mother Of
Reid willis
Mother Of
A sonic depiction of creation, destruction, beauty and violence through a complex fusion of cinematic melodies and heavily sculpted rhythms

“Mother Of,” Reid Willis’s first album release on Mesh, is a powerfully dramatic body of work that demands attentive listening. The central theme of divine singularity is stitched into an otherworldly, textural landscape whose rises and falls mimic the artist’s lifelong battle with anxiety.

First single "Finger To Pulse" is out now on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp.

Each of the album’s 13 tracks are an exploration of the complex multiplicities that shape life, perception and art: Just as nature is the universal mother of both beauty and destruction, humankind becomes the paradoxical vessel for bliss and fear, comfort and chaos.

“I was drawn to the concept of the universe as an infinitely large womb, which can be either liberating or terrifying depending on how you react when faced with something vastly unknowable. As I age and grow, I’m learning how to face and control my own response to the unknown. Writing this album allowed me to dive even deeper into each idea and emotion with less fear.” - Reid Willis

A classically trained pianist, Willis writes with a deftness and sonic instinct that he has refined since he began hand-writing piano pieces at the age of 8. He holds a Master’s in music composition and is a graduate of the SAE Institute in Atlanta, where he studied sound engineering and music production.

“Mother Of” showcases a synthesis of cinematic soundscapes and intricately sculpted rhythms. “Finger To Pulse,” the first of three singles, is laced with a spiky adrenaline that propels rhythm and pace. “The Separator” renders a contortion of IDM and drum & bass against manipulated choir samples, ambience and elongated pads. On the other end of the spectrum, “The Ocean Won’t Allow” is a sonic kaleidoscope of twitchy percussion and layered melancholic piano chords. All three singles are distinctly-shaped windows into the shared soul and spirit of a very special creation.

Max Cooper on “Mother Of”:

"Reid first came to my attention in 2019 when I was trawling new music. Amongst thousands of pieces, there was this gleaming gem of artistry and expression, and even more surprising was to find that he was unsigned, following his own path in a place where few shared his interests. I think the music tells that story of defiance and the overwhelming need for self expression through whichever tools we feel connected.

This isn’t by-the-numbers music for the masses — it’s a powerful and obsessed over work of art, composed, played, produced and mastered all by Reid alone, delivering that focused human message with intensity. The level of artistry in the mixing and spatial form is spectacular as well. I highly recommend listening with a good stereo field and full frequency response.

Big thanks and congrats to Reid for this first, beautiful album, on Mesh. And I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have been over recent months."

The LP album “Mother Of” arrives on Mesh in November 2020.

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Reid Willis
Artwork by Reid Willis
Dedicated to Mary and Rickie.
2020 Mesh