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Falling Down EP
Alex Banks
‘Falling Down’ is the 3rd single from Alex Banks critically acclaimed second album 'Beneath The Surface’ on Mesh.

‘Falling Down' perfectly showcases Alex ability to blend raw beats, and melodic emotion with genres like Techno, Electronica and Old Skool Rave.

Following his debut album on Modeselektor's Monkeytown Records, Alex reflected on his experiences as a DJ and live performer to produce the 'Beneath The Surface’ album for Max Cooper’s Mesh label earlier this year which harnessed elements of live performance, at times free-flowing and unpredictable, seamlessly fused with forward-thinking technical production.

The Falling Down E.P. package comes with a crunching remix from Ital Tek and an additional edit of Falling Down itself.

In the words of Alex Banks:
"Falling Down was the last track I wrote for the album. There’s something liberating about having almost finished making a record and then crafting one more tune that encapsulates all of its aspects, and concludes the writing process. Drawing influence from dark techno club experiences, its fierce rolling beats and driving bassline contrast with melodic elements and warm nostalgic synths. Designed to move dance floors and inspire emotion with a euphoric build giving way to filth laden raw beats.”

In the words of Ital Tek:
"It’s nice to finally work on something with my friend Alex. I thought I’d explore a different path on this remix than on my recent output. So it was fun to turn this into some noisy-low-slung-valve-cooked techno"

In the words of Max Cooper:
"Alex first came to my attention a few years back with his ability to fuse melody and lots of energy in an interesting way, hinged on old UK rave drum breaks and glitch influences, but in a very modern way. It's something which he's continued to consistently deliver through to this latest album. This pairing of artistry and club music isn't easy to create, and I think Alex's work as a professional sound designer really shines through in his ability to strike that balance."
It's all about the grit on this new record for me. Alex has brought together huge club hooks and exceptionally executed broken percussion with a beautiful fuzz and presence about it that gives the record a special intensity. It's a really interesting combination of club system music and something which has clearly had a very delicate and time- consuming attention to detail. It's also something a bit different for the label, another experiment as always, I hope you enjoy it".