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Reid Willis
Reid Willis is proud to present ‘Conveyor’, the first single from his forthcoming album Sediment, due for release on 11th May via Mesh. Accompanying the single release is a video by experimental visual artist, Voltaine.

‘Conveyor’ finds the composer, producer and sound engineer exploring the cues between classical and electronic music to breathtaking effect. Launching from a pointillist motif that morphs throughout the track, Willis builds cinematic layers of bright cyclical melodies and bold rhythmic patterns, creating an overarching textural quality of heavily sculpted maximalism. With a unique sonic palette that draws upon glitching pads, live-sampled percussion and heavy distortions, ‘Conveyor’ combines a multitude of elements to achieve an aesthetic that is both microscopically detailed and infinitely expansive.
Accompanying the release is a video by Voltaine. Exploring themes of creation and destruction, Voltaine takes the central element of an unidentified figure that mutates through different forms to dizzying effect. In sync with the gradual unravelling of Willis’s track, the video builds a visual spectrum full of references that nod to something larger than the sum of their parts.

Artwork hand-painted by Natalie Lanson
Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Reid Willis
Film by Voltaine
Released on Mesh
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