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Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1
Alex Banks
Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1
Alex Banks released his critically acclaimed second album 'Beneath The Surface’ on Mesh in 2019. 'Beneath The Surface' is a poignant and personal album, an eloquent, cohesive collection of tracks showcasing Banks’s unwavering ability to manipulate sound. The album features two collaborations with Icelandic singer Ásgeir, including lead single ‘Chasms’

Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1 is the first remix EP of two that will be released on Mesh in 2020. It hosts a collection of tracks curated by Alex Banks and Mesh. It includes mixes by Ital Tek, Thomas Ragsdale, Thomas Gandey, Jinjé and Lost Unicorns.

Beneath the Surface Remixed Pt.1 is available to pre-order and purchase via the link above.

Max Cooper:
"Alex first came to my attention a few years back with his ability to fuse melody and lots of energy in an interesting way, hinged on old UK rave drum breaks and glitch influences, but in a very modern way. It's something which he's continued to consistently deliver through to this latest album. This pairing of artistry and club music isn't easy to create, and I think Alex's work as a professional sound designer really shines through in his ability to strike that balance. It's a really interesting combination of club system music and something which has clearly had a very delicate and time-consuming attention to detail. It's also something a bit different for the label, another experiment as always, I hope you enjoy it".

Artwork by Mark Nystrom