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A Model Of Reality - Mesh Creator Challenge
Max Cooper
We opened the Mesh Discord community to create a space for people to come together, share life, work, ideas, make friends.

'Creative Challenges' are an opportunity to focus activities around a theme. In August 2022, Max Cooper gave away the stems to 'A Model of Reality' for anyone in the community to make a remix. Unbounded by rules and conventions and welcoming any kind of artistic expression… music, code, poetry, short story, video, painting, sculpture… however people feel they could add something in their own way.

To join the Discord community, sign up here and you will receive an invitation.

Here is a collection of works from the Challenge:
Max Cooper · Remix comp

Sebastien Veyan

Luigi Tasso

Daniel Monroy

Amy Dyduch

Nicholas D'Ombrain

ModelOfReality.mp4 from walid breidi on Vimeo.

Walid Breidi (Waleed)

Anton Schleidt

Anastasia Macmanous

Dimitri Thouzer

sunnk (eoghan roche)

Jelmer Verhoog
(The submission above is a prototype and is not finished. Spatial audio with AirPods headtracking in AR)


Please view this in browser at

Paweł Łuciuk

Observation Models Reality from Lake Heckaman on Vimeo.