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3D Reworks 002
Reid Willis
Digital EP
3D Reworks 002
“Music from another universe, with its own ecosystem and biological makeup”

Reid Willis brings his first release on Mesh and the next issue in the 3D Reworks series, following the first binaural experiment by Max Cooper in March ’20.

“Reid was my greatest new musical discovery last year, so I'm really excited to have him involved with what we're doing”- Max Cooper

The 3D Reworks series aims to challenge artists to express their work and expand their creative awareness to enable every listener to experience high-definition immersive audio.

The 3D reworks EP comprises of four tracks of headphone surround sound. It is immersive headphone listening at it’s most powerful.

The release is available for free download/pay what you want from Bandcamp for one week only.

The EP also sees the accompaniment of a visual component, which will take the form of a re-release of the ‘Building The Monolith’ video in 3D Audio. Created by Mats van Reenen, Joren Hoogendijk and Jasper de Vries and won the Award for Most Visually Appealing Film at the Media Animation Film Festival and featured at the Copenhagen Underground Film Festival Thessaloniki Animation Festival and Palm Springs International Animation Festival.

Quote from Reid Willis

“When composing, I like to picture each piece of music as its own aural universe, with its own ecosystem and biological makeup. When Mesh approached me and asked if I’d be interested in releasing a binaural EP, I thought it would be a great way to expand upon this idea, and reconfigure a few pieces in my discography to really elevate the immersive listening experience.

As my first binaural audio experiment, I wanted to push these mixes as far as I could, while still maintaining balance, and give each track enough space for the listener to focus on each individual element and how they all work together.

The tracks I’ve selected are a few of my personal favourites from my previous two albums. The opening track is a reconfigured and extended version of “Breach in the Border,” from my 2019 album The Longing Device, with a newly composed middle section.”

Quote from Max Cooper

“Reid was my greatest new musical discovery last year, so I'm really excited to have him involved with what we're doing. His first release with us is out today, comprising 4 binaural headphone surround sound reworks.His music is rich with detail, texture and feeling, and this new binaural reworks series release is something special, just put on your headphones and have a listen, that’s all I can say about it really!"